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Nocturne In Black

In a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood, a musician struggles to rebuild his piano after it is destroyed by terrorists.

Lebanon | 23 min. | Dir. Jimmy Keyrouz



Moldova. One winter day, Raisa travels into the city hoping to get something that could change her life.

Austria |15 min. | Dir. Pavel Cuzuioc



The daughter of a single father falls in love with painting but her father is unable to fully appreciate her work because of his colorblindness.

USA | 4:45 min. | Dir. Jade Small



When a young man gets upset that nobody showed up to his grandma's funeral, he reflects back on the relationship he once had with her.

USA | 4:16 min. | Dir. Chris Armienti


Signing Out

Two young women, still recovering from the end of their romantic relationship with each other, unknowingly see the same therapist years later and are forced to come to terms with what happened.

USA | 10 min. | Dir. Dana Brawer



One roommate kidnaps another to cure him of depression with a sunrise over the ocean.

USA | 22:17 min. | Dir. Scott Simonsen